How do you feel when your hair is not looking how you want it to look? Unhappy? Less confident ?


If your hair looks and feels how you want it to look, it brings confidence and bounce to your day. Here at Marcus' Hair Studio, we want you to feel satisfied, happy and self-confident when leaving your appointment with us. The relaxed atmosphere of the salon will help take you out of your busy day to day life and into an oasis of calm and tranquility, to help you and your hair rejuvenate. With the leading Alterna and No.10 hair products and treatments on offer, we guarantee that your hair will be transformed into the style and look that you want to achieve, all while you sit back and relax with one of our many refreshments on offer. 


Enjoy your experience with us- we will do our utmost to please you and your hair! 


I discovered Marcus' Hair Studio quite by surprise, and it continues to impress me. I went there to get my roots redone and then recently for a haircut and blowdry. Marcus is really wonderful, talented and very good with a blowdry. The salon is relaxing and has a nice vibe. 

Why do you use Alterna Hair Products? 

The Alterna product range uses natural ingredients and having worked with a number of different products over the years in different salons, I have found this range gives your hair the best finish. In addition, it makes your hair smell and feel great. I truly believe they are the leading haircare products out there on the market and I highly recommend them for all of my clients to use at home also. We stock a wide range of their products in the salon for clients to purchase and we have received nothing but positive feedback on the range to date.